"Send Emails" client BOT for the Mindbody + Zoom integration

NOTE: This article only refers to version 3.03 to 3.5. For version 4.0 and above please visit here for client emails BOT and here for instructor email BOT.


If you are familiar with the "Zoom Meeting" client bot which creates & updates Zoom meetings and registers booked clients as Zoom registrants, you'll love this new bot!


Introducing the "Send Emails" client bot!

When added to a class, this bot will automatically email all booked clients and the instructor with the Zoom meeting information to join immediately.


Keep in mind that regularly scheduled emails will still be sent out, so this will be a duplicate email for your clients and your instructor.


Question: I added the Send email BOT to my workshop and no meetings were created.

Answer: See this article here on how workshops are processed in the APIANT automations.


Note: This feature requires version 3.03 to 3.5.