"Zoom meetings" client BOT for the Mindbody + Zoom integration


When added to a class, this BOT will automatically create and or update Zoom meetings. The BOT will also remove itself from the class after it has completed the task. There is no need to manually remove the bot client from the class.

When to use:

  1. When you need to create a meeting outside of your automation create meeting schedule. ex: Your integrations settings are set to create meetings 24 hours before class starts and you want to schedule a class that starts 12 hours from now. Add the Zoom meeting BOT to the class and it will create the Zoom meeting within a few seconds.

  2. You don't see your scheduled meeting listed in your Zoom account.
    You don't see all your clients registered to the upcoming Zoom meetings. Add the Zoom Meeting BOT to the class and it will recheck all class sign-ups and register them to the Zoom meeting if they are not registered.

Things to remember:

Question: I added the BOT but nothing was created or updated?

Answer: Double check your MBO class to make sure it has the correct trigger to create the meeting. ex: You are using a keyword "Online" in the class description, or Keyword "Zoom" in the MBO Room name. It is possible that the new class created did not have the correct keyword in the title or the MBO room was removed or not added to the class. If you are using instructor names as triggers make sure that the instructor was added to your automation settings.


Question: I added the BOT but it did not remove itself is it safe to remove?

Answer: Yes, you can remove manually in the event the BOT does not self remove. It also could mean that you are on an older version of the automation and may need to be upgraded to the most recent version. Versions below V3.03 the BOT does not self remove.


Question: Can I add the Zoom BOT outside of my regular scheduled meeting creation time schedule?

Answer: It is not recommended to use the BOT outside of the automation schedule. We recommend using to resolve a meeting schedule issue or a last-minute class addition.


Question: I added the Zoom Bot to my workshop and no meetings were created.

Answer: See this article here on how workshops are processed in the APIANT automations.