Understanding the Email delivery report

Things to know about the Email delivery report for the ZoomConnect integration. (version 3x, 4x and multi site accounts.)

How to access the email delivery report from your Apiant account:

The report is approximately 15min behind from the time it sends and receives data from email providers. It is not a live reporting tool. Apiant depends on the delivery of email read receipts to assist in the gathering of information on whether or not a email has been opened or delivered.


This tool is best used as a POST class report, verses a pre-class report.



Your Apiant account sends email out 1 hour before the class starts, which means it gets sent anywhere from 1 hour to 45min before the class starts. The email delivery report is updated approximately every 15min starting from the top of the hour. The Reporting time varies based on what is processing in the system at the time.


Delivery status definition:


Not delivered - Means the email may not have been sent to your client or staff yet. You may see this status anywhere from 1 hour to 30 min before the class starts. Approximately 15 to 30 minutes after the class starts, the status of the email delivery report may continue to show the Not delivered status until the system refreshes the delivery information received from the clients email provider. There are variables to take into consideration with email service providers. Apiant can not predict on when email providers sends the delivery information back to the Apiant email server. Given that most providers send delivery status' back right away, it is typically not an issue.



Let's say that it's the day after and you are pulling the report for a particular class.

A NOT Delivered status most likely means there was an issue with the email for the client, a typo in the email address, inbox is full, or marked as spam, etc. etc. The specific issue is not reviled in the email delivery report, but Apiant can obtain that info for you upon request. Please send an email to support@apiant.com with the clients name, email address, and class name with time and date.

Opened - Means that the email was delivered and the clients email service provider reported back that the email was opened. This does not tell us how they opened it (aka phone, tablet, computer, etc. etc.). It also does not mean that your client attended the Zoom meeting, it just means the client received the email and it was reported opened to the email delivery service. You can use the advanced attendance meeting report we send you from your Zoom account to see who attended the meeting. You can find those settings in your Apiant account. Here is a support article that explains the Apiant account settings for ZoomConnect.

Not Opened - Does NOT mean NOT delivered. The Not Opened status means that the email was DELIVERED and or Apiant did not not receive delivery confirmation from the clients email provider, or the delivery receipt was blocked by the clients email program or filter.


Email troubleshooting tips for your staff and clients:

  1. Check spam folder or junk mail.

  2. Have the client add "no-reply@apiant.com" and "no-reply@zoom.us" to their contacts or address book.

  3. Search for the class title in ALL MAIL not just INBOX (ex: "Fitness Fusion")

  4. Do a more specific search ex: "Link for Fitness Fusion - Virtual on Tuesday, September 1 at 11:00 am"

  5. Email Delays can happen, depends on the various email providers. Whereas for the most part emails are usually sent and received within minutes, but delays can happen that are beyond our control.

If you need a detailed delivery report for troubleshooting a particular class or client please provide the following to support@apiant.com. The Class title, day and time along with any client first, last names and email addresses.