Sync products from Mindbody to Shopify

For use with ShopifyConnect v2.01 or higher.

With this feature you can select which Mindbody products you want to sync with your Shopify store.

  • Feature ON will give you the option of selecting which products to Sync

  • Feature OFF will sync all products

To turn ON you will need to enable the 'Fetch_products_sellable_online_only' setting in your Apiant account.

Next you will need to select which products to sync.

  1. Open Mindbody and select Products from the main menu.

  2. Click 'Search' button to show all products.

  3. Select which products to sync by checking the 'Link' box for the corresponding product.

  4. Click 'Save' button.

Note: It can take up to 15 minutes for the product change to sync with Shopify.

When used in conjunction with the 'Filter MBO products' and 'Delete products in Shopify' features you will be able to have products removed from Shopify.

  • IMPORTANT: You must change a product's Online price to "0.00" in Mindbody if you do not want to see this product in Shopify like this:

If you choose to discontinue a product you can have it removed from Shopify by changing the online price to Zero in Mindbody. If you are using the 'Sell Online' option in Mindbody feature, you must wait for the product to be removed from Shopify then you can uncheck the 'Sell Online' box in Mindbody. After that you can click the 'Discontinued' box for that product and click 'Save'.

Note: It can take up to 15 minutes for the product change to sync with Shopify.

Also reminder that Mindbody is the master of the data.

Product info is sync'd based on Mindbody barcode to Shopify SKU field.

Keep in mind that a product in Mindbody that has Color and or Size variant must also have the same options in Shopify with the same name. If you Variant option in Shopify do not Match mindbody the sync will fail for that products.



Product Name: Lipstick

Variant Color: Red

Variant Size: 1oz

Barcode: 456789123


Product Name: Lipstick


Color: Red

Size: 1oz

SKU: 456789123
Barcode: (not needed)

If the items do not match to what you already have in Shopify, the sync for that product will fail.

If you are adding new products to Mindbody that do not exist yet in Shopify then do not create them in Shopify at this time. Our system can take new products from Mindbody and create them for you in Shopify thus creating the sync. For products that already exist in Shopify the product must exist in Mindbody and the information for that product must match based on the example above.

If a product has no variants that is considered a 1 to 1 relationship and no options needed to be created just match the mindbody barcode to SKU field in the Shopify Product.

(See screen shots below of Shopify Product info)