Settings for Email recording links to use with the Mindbody and Zoom integration

You have several options in your Apiant integrations settings that are related to using the email recording link features for the Mindbody and Zoom integration.

You need to determined which settings you want to use.


You can choose to either have your Zoom meetings auto recorded by default or have turned off. The CLOUD setting only works with the Email Recording Link feature. LOCAL recording does not.

To clarify you do not need to use the auto cloud recording setting in order for the email recording link feature to work. The feature is based on the completion of recording link status by Zoom. You can choose to manually record your Zoom meetings and when the recording is made available by Zoom, Apiant can process the sending of the recording link.


We recommend the following settings be adjusted on your Zoom account settings.

  • Disable the ability to download the Zoom recordings.


  • Turn off "Require passcode to access shared cloud recordings"


  • Turn on the "Auto delete cloud recordings after days" - this is optional

  • In the Apiant Integration settings. You need to set the option "Send Zoom recordings to" either BOOKED or ATTENDEES
    *for Ver 3.50 or higher there is a 3rd setting called "NO-SHOWS"

  • Also set the "Auto Recording" option to CLOUD or leave on NONE if you are manually recording the Zoom meetings.