Send the recording link also to the instructor and send the recording link to "no-shows" in ZoomConnect (Mindbody + Zoom)

As of version 4 of our ZoomConnect (aka Mindbody + Zoom) integration you now can choose to send a recording link to the instructor of that class/workshop.

To enable this feature, turn on the ZoomConnect Email setting "Send zoom recordings to instructor":


Also, alongside with the existing possibilities of sending recording links to either "booked" (all signed-up clients from a class/workshop) or "attendees" (all attended clients from the Zoom meeting of a class/workshop), you can now also send the recording links to "no-shows" (clients not attended the Zoom meeting).


To enable this feature, change the ZoomConnect Email setting "Send zoom recordings to" to "no-shows":

NOTE: As of version 4 you now also have the ability to send recording links on demand and for classes of the past. Adding those send recording links BOTs will act as an override to your "Send zoom recordings to" setting. Read our article here.