Reconnect your Zoom API account

Step by step instructions on how to reconnect your Zoom account with APIANT

Using the same web browser for both steps 1 and 2.

  1. Open and login into your Master Zoom Account

  2. Open and login into your APIANT account

  3. Goto your APIANT Dashboard

4. Goto Connections >


5. Click the refresh ICON on the Zoom connection.



6. Choose your connection type and authorize access to your Zoom account



  • Choose the Admin connection type.

  • You may get prompted to CLICK the Blue Pre-APPROVE Button

  • Then the AUTHORIZE button will light up after that and then you Click AUTHORIZE

7. You may need to run the "Zoom Meeting" BOT to create or refresh your Zoom meeting list and or use the "Send Email" BOT to Send out email for the classes affected while the Zoom account was disconnected.


Link on to use the "Zoom Meeting" BOT

Link on to use the "Send Email" BOT