Multi Mindbody Sites to One Zoom meeting

Technical requirements and considerations for hosting Zoom meetings across multiple Mindbody Sites - this is only multi sites share Zoom meetings across multiple sites.
*applies to Mindbody <-> Zoom Integration Version 1, Version 3 is currently in development state.


Requirement 1: Teacher/Instructor Consistency Across Mindbody Locations


In order to share classes/enrollments across multi-sites, we must make sure we create the teachers/instructors teaching virtual classes/enrollments in each individual Mindbody site, ensuring that each teacher has the same phone number attached in each site as well.


Requirement 2: Number of Zoom Accounts


There must separate Zoom licenses for each overlapping class/enrollment. Read more on adding Zoom licenses to your account here.

*max 3 overlapping classes = 3 Zoom licensed Zoom users.


Requirement 3: Consistent Number of Rooms in your Mindbody Locations


Each Mindbody Location must have the same “virtual” rooms available for booking, and the rooms need to be named identically on each site (e.g. "Zoom 1", "Zoom 2", "Zoom 3"). It is important that the room names match EXACTLY from one site to another - be mindful of spaces.


Requirement 4: Site Automation Time Zones


It is important to make sure that all sites automation have the same time zone if your sites are located in different time zones. Each virtual class scheduled at the same time in the same room with the same teacher/instructor will be one shared Zoom meeting. Customers from different sites will be registered in the one Zoom meeting.


Consideration: Features not Provided


Because this is version 1, we cannot provide the following features:-

  • Must add the Zoom bot to each class for each site - no automatic creation.

  • Emails will be sent at the time of registration

  • Ability to send out customized, branded emails through our email systems. Emails will be sent out through Zoom, so we rely on Zoom's email systems.

  • Ability to send recording links

  • We cannot sign people back into Mindbody - we can't communicate who attended

  • In order to get a class created as a Zoom meeting there will be a Mindbody client called "Zoom meetings" that has to be signed up to the class prior to the class start (e.g. 1 day prior).


Here's a sign-up link for a 7-day free trial that includes an architect's onboarding call: