Mindbody to Zoom

Mindbody and Zoom Integration powered by Apiant.

Tired of creating Zoom rooms manually and managing them in your Zoom account? No more copying and pasting links back and forth into your Mindbody accounts or email system. Connect Mindbody and Zoom with Apiant integration services and you will not need to worry about getting your Zoom Meeting links to your clients anymore.


Setting up your integration has never been easier. After you fill out a few questions with our online form we will have you set up in a snap. Our easy to follow directions will make the process super simple and you will be up and running in no time.


What does this integration do?

  • Apiant will automatically look ahead in your Mindbody schedule to see if a class exists in the schedule by using either keywords in the class name (ie: "Virtual", "Online"), the assigned room name, or instructor name. The system can be customized to look ahead in the Mindbody schedule by days, hours, and or minutes. When it finds the scheduled class it looks to the Zoom account to see if a corresponding Zoom meeting exists. If the Zoom meeting does not exist for that class then system creates the Zoom meeting automatically.

  • Once Zoom meeting is created the system will automatically review the list of registered clients in the Mindbody class and register the client into the Zoom meeting with their own unique Zoom link.

  • We create a customized email using your company name and logo and contact information. The system checks every 15 minutes to review the classes and registered clients to ensure that all registrants get an email. The sending of this email can be setup to send 30 minutes before the class starts, or You can easily have this email get sent 24hrs before the class starts, you chose how soon. Even if a client registers for the Mindbody class minutes before it start, the system will send the email automatically without waiting.

Have more than one Zoom account for multiple classes running at the same time?

  • No problem, You can connect Mindbody to as many licensed Zoom accounts as you like. The licensed Zoom accounts can be assigned by room name or instructor name. Since Mindbody controls the room schedule conflicts you can schedule as many rooms or instructors with as many licensed Zoom accounts you have. The instructor needs to just know which room they are teaching in prior to the class starting. They can easily see the room name in the Mindbody business app or online schedule. (see FAQ for more details)

Whats happens if you cancel, update or make changes to your classes in Mindbody?

  • When a class is canceled in Mindbody the system will automatically will remove the clients from the registered Zoom meeting and notify them that the Zoom meeting has been canceled.

  • If a client cancels or is removed from the class, the system will remove them from the Zoom meeting and disable their unique Zoom meeting link. The cancelled client will not be able to attend the meeting unless they have a valid booking in Mindbody. They will receive an email stating their link has been canceled.

  • If you make changes to your class schedule, the system will automatically remove the Zoom meeting, create a new one and notify your clients by sending them a new email with a new Zoom meeting link. (changes include, time, date, name changes, rooms and or instructor)

If you are not already sold, we do have some optional settings that you can turn on for no extra cost.

  • Optional - "Sign in clients automatically". After the Zoom meeting is over our Zoom Bot will automatically look at all clients that attended the Zoom meeting and marked them as "SIGNED IN" to your Mindbody Class. Your instructors or staff do not have to check people in.

  • Optional - "Send instructor email". You can also have your instructors get the automated email with the secure "Start Class" link to start the meeting. This email will contain the link that has all the information they need to login into Zoom meeting with the correct login access. They do not need to look up the class in the Zoom schedule. The Instructor "Start Class" link is secure and you do not need to give out your Zoom account login and or passwords.

  • Optional - "Who received and opened the Zoom meeting email". Set as a minimum of one hours before the class starts we can send a report to the system administrator showing who opened or did not open the email, and also show if it was sent to their spam folder.

  • Optional - "Recording the Zoom meeting". If you choose, we can set your Zoom account to record the meetings to your Zoom cloud or local account automatically. After the Class is over the system can automatically send an email to the Booked client or to the people that only attended the Zoom meeting. The email will contain the class information and link to the recording.

Add-On Features (Additional costs)

  • Send SMS message.

  • Connect To Vimeo account with recording from Zoom meeting


  • Q - How many Zoom accounts can I use with the MIndbody to Zoom integration?

  • A - You are allowed 5 licensed Zoom accounts per Mindbody site integration. If you require more than 5 licensed Zoom accounts there will be a additional monthly fee of $25 per every 5 Zoom accounts connected.

  • Q - Can I use more than one Zoom account at at time?

  • A - The Mindbody room name will need to correspond directly with the Zoom account being used for that Zoom meeting. As an example your Mindbody room one would be named "Zoom 1" and it connects to Zoom account named "zoom1@mydomain.com", and room 2 would be named "Zoom 2" and it connects to Zoom account named "zoom2@mydomain.com"

  • Q - Can the START LINK from the instructor email be used for clients?

  • A - The START LINK must not be shared with clients. This secure link is for staff only.

  • Q - What happens if I lose internet connection during my Zoom meeting

  • A - Zoom will try to reconnect automatically. If you do not reconnect in 1min you will have to click on the Zoom meeting link again to get in, but your clients will still be in the meeting waiting for you.

  • Q - Can I have more than one instructor in the Zoom meeting?

  • A - Yes, If you have two Mindbody staff accounts using the START instructor link it will make a HOST and Co-host for the Zoom meeting (Fred question on this one, I think this would have to be two licensed accounts in order to be host and co host?)

  • Q - Can I use 24hr date and time format?

  • A - Yes

  • Q - If I have a Twilio Account can I send SMS messages using my account?

  • A - Yes we can link your Twilio account to your Apiant account. (additional Cost?)

  • Q - Can the Email report be sent multiple times per class?

  • A - We only send the email once per class. This is report is used a reference to help you see who is or is not opening the email.