How to Manage Rooms in Mindbody with Multiple Zoom Accounts

If you’re having trouble assigning a Mindbody room to your class, here are some steps to troubleshoot the issue:

Option 1: Room may not be released to rebook

When removing a room from a class, or if there is a class that has been cancelled, the room may not be fully released to rebook. Here’s how to fix it:

  • Try temporarily assigning a new room to the class you’re working on

  1. Assign a new room and save

  2. Remove room and save again

  3. Now try assigning the original room back to the class and save once more

  4. If this works, you may need to run the “Zoom Meeting” BOT to refresh your Zooms meeting list

  5. If this did not work, go to option 2

Option 2: There might be a room conflict that you can’t see

If you have a room conflict in a class and or appointment for the room you are assigning. You need to check the room schedule in MBO. If you don't have the Rooms schedule tab on your dashboard you can turn it on in MBO Settings. (See below)

Once you have removed the conflict, repeat the steps from Option 1 to temporarily assign a room and this should resolve the issue when trying to reassign a MBO room.