Gift card support for ShopConnect

Review of Gift card support with ShopConnect - July 2022 Currently gift cards from Shopify to Mindbody and Mindbody to Shopify are not part of the product sync.

If you setup gift cards in Shopify your clients will only be able to use those for purchases in the Shopify store, or if you have Shopify point of sale setup in the studio they can be redeemed through the Shopify point of sale.


Any sales that are processed from Shopify to post in Mindbody will post as with Shopify payment type in the transaction to let you know the sale came from Shopify.


Any Mindbody gift cards that are used can only be used in the Mindbody platform and if you choose to post your sales from Mindbody to Shopify it will post the sale with a tag of Mindbody in the Shopify orders to let you know the sale came from Mindbody.


Shopify gift cards can be used for Shopify sales only and Mindbody gift cards for Mindbody sales only.


We are currently working on an enhancement to the integration that will allow you to purchase a Mindbody gift card product from Shopify and post it as a Mindbody gift card to be used in Mindbody only, then the reverse as well, and purchase a Shopify gift card product in Mindbody to only be use in the Shopify store.