Send SMS notification with Zoom participant join url for your clients on demand

If you are familiar with our new "Send SMS" feature and how to use our BOTs, this is how you can send SMS on demand.

By adding our Send SMS BOT into your Mindbody class, you can trigger on demand sending SMS to your signed-up clients of your class.


1) SMS provider account: You either need an account with Twilio or CM to be able to send SMS. In your account you need to have a paid phone number to send your SMS from.

After successfully registering an account and having a paid phone number, we will help you connect your Twilio or CM account to your APIANT account.

2) Clients in Mindbody must have enabled the "Reminder and schedule changes" option in their Mindbody client profile.

This can either be set by staff or preferable by the client itself.

3) ZoomConnect settings must be configured accordingly:

  • SMS notification provider must be configured to your provider (Twilio or CM).

NOTE: Adding the BOT is an override to your other ZoomConnect SMS settings. Even if you have turned off SMS notification adding the BOT will still send SMS for your clients.

Optionally you can also enable "Add meeting id in sms", "Add password in sms" and/or "SMS show timezone" in order to add those details to your SMS:

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