Items in the automation editor can be combined into groups. Groups can then be collapsed, hiding their contents. When an automation is first opened, all of its groups are initially collapsed. Groups are a great way to organize related functionality and to keep your diagrams smaller and easier to understand!

Note: not all subscription plans have access to open or create groups.

To create a group, right-click on an item and choose the "select this and all following" option:

Everything below the item in its chain of logic will be highlighted:

If you want to stop the group at a certain point, right click on a highlighted item and choose the "deselect this and all following" option:

When you have the selected items you want grouped, then right click on the editor's background and choose the "group selected items" option:

Then give the group a name:

Now your new group will appear with its contents hidden.

Opening the group will reveal the group's content and buttons for managing the group:

It's possible to have nested groups, too!

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