Things to know about the Email delivery report for the Mindbody and Zoom integration.

  1. The report gets generated 5 minutes before class/meeting starts.

  2. Anyone who has received the email prior to the report being generated should show up on the report as either Opened / Not Opened / Failed delivery

  3. Opened - means your client opened the email prior to the report being generated

  4. Not Opened - Although the status is Not Opened the email was delivered. Just that your client either did not yet open the email or the email app or webmail is not displaying images like the Logo and or the hidden image that is used for email tracking, therefore the Not Opened status is not always accurate.

  5. Failed delivery - can mean the email went to spam / junk folders, bad email address, mailbox is full, issue with email domain or provider.

  6. When the delivery report gets created in the system it gets put in to a send queue to wait its turn to be sent to you. The send times are inconsistent since it is waiting its turn to go. This also means you may receive the delivery report after the class/meeting starts.

  7. If a client signs up for class or waits to open the email after the report has been created they will not show up on the report. This makes it look like they did not receive the email when they actually did.

  8. We are also dependent on email service providers sending us back the email delivery response.

  9. The most important thing to look at is the FAILED section. This can be an indicator they did not get the email, OPENED or NOT OPENED means it was delivered.

We are working on the timing and the information of this delivery report and understand that it is not 100% accurate at this time. We are looking in to a better solution for this report.

If you need a detailed delivery report for troubleshooting a particular class please provide the following to The Class title, day and time along with any client first and last names and email addresses.

If this report is not helping you at this time it can be turned off here in the "Integration Settings" in your Apiant account. We can also do this for you if you request it.

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