APIANT supports workshops/enrollments within Mindbody, but keep in mind your cutoff for clients to sign up for enrollments should be 75 min before the next class. If your clients are not getting the email link sent to them at the time your Send Email automation is programmed to send, then you will need to change this setting "Last_email_notification_check_mins" in your Apiant integration settings.

Why this is happening: There is a minor delay in API communications from Mindbody to APIANT, so we rely on the initial creation of the Zoom meeting with enrolled clients and the last check automation.

How to fix this:

Change your Settings in APIANT

Under your integration settings on your APIANT account, find the ‘Last_email_notification_check_mins’ setting and change this number to 75. This will prompt an automation to run 15 minutes before your email notification goes out. This automation will double check the Workshop/Enrollment roster, ensuring that everyone on the list gets the email in time.

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