First you will need to make sure you have the "add Classpass client" option tuned on in your Apiant account. This option will automatically add a registrant in the Zoom meeting with the name "Classpass" using your Apiant contact email.

Please keep in mind that Classpass attendees are not automatically signed back into the Mindbody class since they are not receiving their individual Zoom meeting link via the normal process.

Since Classpass does not allow the sending of any emails directly to their clients you will need to copy the registration link from your Zoom meeting and directly paste it in to your Classpass account for that class.

Once the automation has created the Zoom meeting for your class, you will be able to find the Zoom participant link by logging into your Zoom Account and selecting the meeting you need to get the participant link from.

Access the registrants list by selecting the VIEW link at the bottom of the meeting information.

In your Classpass account click on the 'Add livestream details' button and paste in your Zoom link and the passcode in the notes.

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