Overview of Features:

  • Sync sales, customers, products, services and inventory
  • Adjustments are made automatically to handle tax discrepancies between Shopify and Mindbody
  • Sales placed in Shopify are posted in the client's purchases tab in Mindbody
  • Services sold in Shopify are automatically added to the client in Mindbody (i.e. Memberships)
  • Inventory sold syncs in both directions
  • Mindbody Products and services are synced and updated in Shopify (includes variants and product images)
  • Inventory replenishment is synced via Smartsheet
  • New Shopify customers are added in Mindbody
  • Existing clients are updated in Mindbody with new information provided in Shopify
  • Ability to automatically create Shopify accounts and invite Mindbody clients using the Mindbody Index feature.

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