Overview of Features:

  • Automate the transfer of your online sales data, including products, services, and contracts, from Shopify to Mindbody. The integration will create new Shopify customers as Mindbody clients, without any work on your end. Your customer will have the ability to choose between a custom payment method in Shopify, or using their credit card on file with Mindbody - from anywhere in the world.
  • Using this integration, you can now have your clients pushed from Mindbody to Shopify. You’ll be able to add and invite your existing Mindbody customers to shop on your online store - you can use this powerful tool to control marketing campaigns to customers.
  • Easily create and update Shopify products and services through the Mindbody platform.
  • Manage inventory through either Mindbody or Shopify by quantity. We also have a process for you to track your replenishment needs.

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