Mindbody and Zoom Integrated

Overview of features

  • Schedule Zoom meetings for your classes, enrollments (workshops) and appointments automatically

  • Auto configure meetings the way you want (auto recording, waiting room, etc.)

  • Sync changes to classes, enrollments and appointments with Zoom meetings

  • Schedule branded emails (hours or minutes before the class) with join the class private links for each booked client and start the class links for the instructor (the instructor doesn't need to login your Zoom account to host the meeting)

  • Customize branded emails with your own text

  • Send a Meeting ID and Password with the email if you want or let your clients just click on a button with all this info embedded and encrypted

  • Cancel private links when the client cancels booking

  • Auto sign-in zoom participants in Mindbody when the Zoom meeting ends (only works if you chose to auto-register clients in Zoom)

  • Receive an email delivery report for each class with a list of emails that were delivered, opened and clicked or ended up in a client's spam.

  • Connect more than one Zoom account

  • Connect more than one Mindbody site and/or location

  • Send email with Zoom meeting recording link to clients.

How do you install it?

Installing the integration is done during a free on-boarding call with one of our workflow architects. The whole process takes between 30-45 min. During this call you will connect your Mindbody site(s) and Zoom account(s) and configure the integration to work exactly the way you want. After signing-up for the 7 day trial by clicking the button below, you will be sent to a calendar to schedule your onboarding call.

How does it work?

During your free on-boarding call you will decide which classes should automatically become Zoom meetings. For example you could make all your MBO classes Zoom meetings or only class names with a certain keyword such as "Virtual" or classes in rooms with the name "Zoom". You will then decide when to schedule the custom branded emails with links to go out to your clients (i.e. 30 min before a class start time). Then everything is on auto-pilot.

Your clients book their classes in Mindbody like they always have and simply click on the Join button in their email when they are ready to join the class in Zoom. That's it!

Clients book their classes, workshops and appointments like they always have in Mindbody.

Custom branded emails for your Mindbody clients to join the Zoom meeting

Clients simply click on a button in their personalized email when they are ready to join the class. This button carries their name, meeting id and meeting password (encrypted) making joining a class very secure and as simple as a click!

If you want, you can also automatically add the Zoom Meeting ID and the password in the email but remember that if you do so, clients who cancel their bookings after they receive their join link emails will still be able to join the class even though their booking in Mindbody is cancelled.

If a client books a class after these emails are sent, they will receive their join the class email immediately after booking the class. Even minutes before!

You can customize these emails with your logo, colors and custom text.

You can also choose to automatically send a "Start the Class" email to instructors. They will be able to start and host the meeting in Zoom without having to log into the associated Zoom account.

If clients cancel a booking at any time, even after receiving their email with a link, their Zoom registration will be cancelled and they will be notified via email.

Mindbody Zoom every participant's name will show

Each participant will show in Zoom with their full name even if they did not log into Zoom or logged in someone else's Zoom account!

After the Zoom meeting, participants will automatically be signed-in in Mindbody.

If you would like to, you can also receive an email delivery report 5 minutes before each class with the list of emails that were delivered, opened, clicked and ended up in spam.

Email delivery report sent 5 minutes before each class.

More questions?

You can send us a message or initiate a chat with us and we will answer any question you have.

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