How to Connect your Intercom account

Once your APIANT account is created, you can connect your Intercom account(s):

1. Goto your Dashboard

2. Goto Connections > Connect and App > Enter Intercom and click on the Intercom- icon

3. Authorize access to your Intercom account

Note: If you don't see the Intercom authorization popup window, you may be blocking them. You'll need to unblock popups for

4. If you'd like to connect more than one Intercom accounts, you can click on 'Connect another account...', give the account a name and click OK

Note: You can name the New Connection Name(s) whatever you'd like. These connections will be selectable in automations.

How to integrate your Intercom account with other apps

You can connect Intercom to your other apps in two ways:

  • Using a pre-built template

  • Customizing a template or build your own integration

Using a pre-built Intercom integration

  1. Goto and search for the template you need by entering a combination of apps in the search field

2. Click on the template you'd like to install > 'Install this Template!' > Install > OK

3. Before turning on your automation, you can edit and customize the field mappings, filters, etc. Click the cogwheel icon for each app you'd like to edit and choose 'edit Automation'

4. You can double-click any trigger or action to edit settings and field mapping

5. If you make changes to a trigger or an action, make sure to Save it

6. Also make sure to Save the automation

7. Turn on the automation by switching the 'Off' button to 'On'

Your automation will now start moving data between apps!

Customizing a template of build your own integration

You must have a Custom plan to add triggers, actions and conditionals to an automation or build an automation from scratch.

Once your custom plan is active, you can add steps to an automation by clicking the plus icon in the circle.

Make sure to save your changes, but if you forget or make mistakes, don't worry, auto-save is always on and each version is recoverable any time.

How to disconnect your Intercom account

  1. Click on 'Connections' from the menu

2. Click the trashcan icon to disconnect your Intercom account

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