Customize your emails for Mindbody and Zoom integration

NOTE: This article refers only to version 3.03 and 3.5. For version 4.0 and above, please visit this site here.


With your Apiant account you can the change text that is sent to your clients and instructors in the branded email.



Step 1:

Access you Apiant account and then go to the "Integrations Settings" option in the main menu.

Step 2:

Locate the section called "Custom email addition client" or "Custom email addition instructor" and click on the edit pencil icon located at the right side.


Step 3:

Once the editor is open you can click on the "Wrap Lines" option so that all the text is viewable.

Step 4:

Edit your TEXT and click Update. This is an instant save. If you make a mistake just edit and click Update again.


This change is is effective immediately and will be used for any new emails moving forward. This will not update any emails that were previously sent to the clients.