Custom email texts in ZoomConnect (Mindbody + Zoom)

If you want to only partly customize your branded emails, the fastest way to do so is by using our custom text sections you might already know from pervious version 3 of our integration.

If you rather are interested in customizing and translating emails, then you can follow this article here to do so.


Below is an overview of our custom email text sections, each one displayed below the button in the emails as shown in this picture.



Overview of custom email text sections:

  • Custom client email text

  • Custom instructor email text

  • Custom cancellation email text

  • Custom recording link email text

  • Custom shareable link email text

In order to set or change them, access the ZoomConnect Email custom text settings as shown below.


It's easiest to click on the pencil icon right to the editable text field in order to make your needed changes.


Depending on your screen size you might want to enable "Wrap Lines" in the editor.

Edit your text to your needs and click on "Update".


NOTE: To have a look at how the email looks alike with your customization, please create a test class that is within your Zoom meeting creation window (in most cases this is 24 hrs) and use the "Send client emails" and/or "Send instructor email" BOTs to send the emails. The BOTs can be added multiple times to the same class so you can live review your changes you made.