BOT - "Send Instructor Emails" - Mindbody + Zoom integration

If you are familiar with the "Zoom Meeting" client BOT, which creates & updates Zoom meetings and registers booked clients as Zoom registrants, you'll love the "Send Instructor Emails" BOT as well.

*Please Note: The "Send Email" client BOT has been split up into two separate BOTs (one for client emails, one for instructor emails).


Introducing the "Send Instructor Emails" client BOT!


What it does:


When added to a class, this BOT will automatically email the "Zoom start url" to the instructor instantly.


Please now, that Zoom meeting start links do expire after 2 hours. This BOT should therefore only be use within the last 2 hours before your class starts.


Keep in mind if the BOT is used before the regularly scheduled email, the regularly scheduled email will be still sent out, so this will be a duplicate email for your instructor.


How to set it up:



Question: I added the "Send Instructor Email" BOT to my workshop and no email was sent.


Answer: See this article here on how workshops are processed in the APIANT automations.


Note: This feature requires version 4.0 or higher, so please reach out to us via chat if you'd like to be upgraded.