Adding Licensed Zoom users to your Zoom account

Here's how to add more licensed (paid) users to your main Zoom account:

1. Click Add Users

2. Add the emails of the other Zoom accounts you'd like to add as users

3. Log out of your Zoom account if you will be accepting the invitations


4. Accept the invites in emails sent by Zoom

5. Go to Billing to make sure you have enough host licenses to assign to the new users

6. Click Add/Edit to add host licenses

7. Add as many host as you need and complete the transaction

8. Assign the additional licenses to your newly added users

9. Don't forget to verify that the setting "Use Personal Meeting ID (PMI) when scheduling a meeting" is turned off on each licensed user


Once your new users are licensed under your main Zoom account you connected to APIANT, let us know their emails and we can add them to your integration for you.